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Brittany the Rebel


Women who are in for a change. Women who are not scared to show off and be different. So what if we are wearing unique pieces? This is us, making a statement, making a stand. Love it or hate it, we don’t really care. We will not calibrate to their standards, their standards will adapt to us. Speak, Express and REBEL your way.


Passion is strength. Doing what I do best in things that I am passionate about is a powerful feeling. I know my capabilities in what I do. This is me, defining excellence in my own way


I have a strong personality, but I do everything with all my heart. There's love in between being honest and edgy at the same time. REBEL, and do what you love.


Standing out, being bold, being proud. Societal norms and expectations are just made to be defied, and I am here to do that. Conformity is so usual, I wanna be my own kind of unusual. Defiance is fearless.


Influence over dominance. Power control. What doesn't kill me makes me stronger, and that's the greatest power I hold. What you see is what you get, you can't contain me.